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Rituals for our products

Rituals for our products

The everyday Ayurvedic ritual 

Embrace the profound wisdom of our ancestors through the art of Ayurvedic daily rituals, granting yourself the sacred space and permission to reconnect with your inner self. The practice of "dinacharya," or daily routine, allows you to infuse purpose and mindfulness into your everyday life.

In the realm of Ayurveda, "Garshana," commonly known as dry brushing, takes center stage. This ancient practice gently sweeps away dry and lifeless skin, especially in areas like knees, elbows, and ankles. Beyond its exfoliating prowess, Garshana stimulates collagen production, promoting youthful skin and enhanced blood circulation. It also caresses your sensory nerves, offering a serene and calming experience. Remember to brush your skin with gentle strokes directed toward your heart.

Another vital Ayurvedic practice is "Abhyangha," a loving self-massage with warm, medicated body butter. This daily ritual invites you to receive the nourishment of the oil while fostering a deep connection with your body, cultivating self-love. Begin this soothing oiling process at your extremities, paying special attention to your joints. As you ascend, employ gentle circular motions to discourage toxins from penetrating deeper into your body. Additionally, the protective oil layer prevents your skin from drying after a subsequent water cleanse. Choose pure, naturally distilled, organically grown oils, ideally unprocessed and nutrient-rich Cold Pressed Oil, as your massage companion. Massage the oil generously into your elbows, knees, and heels to maximize its benefits.

Following this, engage in a round of Kapalbhati exercises to enhance digestion and emotional equilibrium.

During your shower ritual, employ the nourishing Nitya Sutra face wash to cleanse your face, removing impurities with care. Follow this with the Nava Sutra gentle exfoliating face scrub, enriched with Kumkumadi oil and saffron.

In true Ayurvedic fashion, consider your doshas, the governing principles of body, mind, and behavior, when adjusting the water temperature. Opt for cold water if your dosha leans toward Pitta, and warm water if it aligns with Kapha or Vata. Cold showers are known to enhance eyesight and address digestion issues, while warm showers help open the pores of Kapha or Vata skin, allowing deeper oil penetration for a moisturizing effect. For your hair and face, tepid water is the way to go, as hot water can be damaging. Always choose pH-balanced shower gels to restore your skin's natural oils.

To conclude your refreshing Ayurvedic shower regimen, generously apply the Abhyanga Sutra body butter to your still-damp skin. For optimal facial moisturization, indulge in the Ojas Sutra face cream infused with Eladi oil for deep hydration. Before retiring for the night, pamper your skin with the Vayas Sutra night cream, harnessing its natural anti-aging properties. Wake up refreshed and adorned with radiant, glowing skin.

Ayurveda consistently underscores the purification of body and mind through these daily practices, making them essential for personal hygiene. Rejuvenate and heal yourself through the soothing embrace of Ayurvedic rituals.

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